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Military English UK

Military English UK specialises in corporate and institution-level English training solutions.

As part of Cambridge1English, we have been language training and testing Since 2013. We work with those working in the fields of national/international administration and security, peacekeeping and the military. Our purpose is to enable them to demonstrate solid, sustained improvement their English language capacity at work and/or when undertaking professional assessments (such as the NATO STANAG 6001 English language standards examinations). Based in Cambridge, UK, we provide effective, efficient, inspiring and engaging courses for corporations and educational institutions and government agencies across Europe. Courses are conducted both in Cambridge, UK and at clients’ own premises across Europe.

At Military English UK,  we put into action a common set of values every day to provide you with exceptional training and client commitment:

-Intelligence and exceptional skill
-Meaningful and useful work
-Great service and warm interactions
-Interest and advantage

Contact us today for a consultation or to arrange a course.